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A membership programme allowing access to credit reports provided by the credit services provider, Callcredit Consumer Limited

Welcome to Credit Rating Matters

Welcome to Credit Rating Matters, a membership programme providing access to the tools you need to monitor your credit information, including access to your credit report provided by our credit services provider, Callcredit Consumer Limited.

Members of the Credit Rating Matters membership programmes can benefit from the exclusive Special Offers available. The Information Centre provides you with the knowledge you need to understand the credit market and can answer any of your unsolved questions about Credit Rating matters.



Credit Rating Matters members do not go unrewarded. Not only will you now have the ability to improve your finances and monitor against fraud, but you can also save on security products provided by carefully selected third parties to keep you and your personal details safe.

My Security Center

My Security Center is one of the most popular Personal Security vendors across Europe, having millions of subscribers worldwide. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a one-stop shop, with a user -friendly website offering the latest award winning technology in internet security at affordable prices. At a click of a button, our clients can rest assured that they have complete protection together with the facility to automatically back up their data and increase the performance of their PC.


Don't lose it, i-TRAK it
i-TRAK create a unique security system that can be attached to your luggage and belongings, so that if they become lost, your items can be easily found and tracked back to you.