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A membership programme allowing access to credit reports provided by the credit services provider, Callcredit Consumer Limited

Welcome to Credit Rating Matters

Welcome to Credit Rating Matters, a membership programme providing access to the tools you need to monitor your credit information, including access to your credit report provided by our credit services provider, Callcredit Consumer Limited.

Members of the Credit Rating Matters membership programmes can benefit from the exclusive Special Offers available. The Information Centre provides you with the knowledge you need to understand the credit market and can answer any of your unsolved questions about Credit Rating matters.


Credit Report^

Viewing your credit report could not be easier. Your credit report allows you to see the information lenders can see about you, you can monitor your accounts and loans, and it could prove to be a useful tool in the fight against identity fraud.

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How do I view my credit report?

If you are a new member to Credit Rating Matters you will need to follow a quick and simple verification process to view your report.

Once you have completed this your report will be accessible to you at any time.

Why do I need to do this? Click Here for more information.

What are the benefits of accessing my credit report?

When purchasing furniture or applying for a new credit card the supplier will often advertise offers such as 0% APR or buy now pay next year. Your credit score can affect the APR you are offered on the credit and therefore will affect the amount you pay over its lifetime.
Mortgage lenders will make thorough checks into your credit history to verify who you are and to review your repayment history. Knowing what is in your credit report can be beneficial so that there are no hidden surprises. Be sure your credit report is up to scratch before taking such an important step.